Kids In The Kitchen #2

It’s time for my new favorite monthly post… Kids in the Kitchen! Let me introduce you to my buddy Talyn. Before I do, I want to thank Talyn’s Mom for sending me all these wonderful photo’s and sharing his story with us.

Talyn was born 11-21-11, which means he just turned 5 in November. His Mom told me that Talyn is very persistent and stubborn, but has the biggest heart, and wants to be friends with everyone! I know this is true because he always comes up to me at Wal-Mart and makes sure he tells me “Hi”! He’s such a good friend.

Like any good 5-year-old boy, he hates to be cooped up in the house and could spend all day, everyday playing outside – rain or shine or wind! (I had a little girl myself who was the same way! She came home dirtier than her brothers every single day!) 

So you may be asking yourself “What does this little guy do in the kitchen?” Well…Talyn likes to wash dishes! Is there any better kid in the kitchen than one who WANTS to do dishes?!!! I think not!

So how did all this dish washing start?

When Talyn was 4 he told his mom he was old enough to help in the kitchen. His mom, Chelcie, said “I was not about to squash his ambition! So I let him wash the dishes.” Chelcie told me they don’t have a dishwasher so having a helper is a real plus!

Why does Talyn love washing dishes?

“Clean dishes mean I can eat more food”! (Are y’all falling in love with this little man as much as I have!)

Talyn is the youngest of 4 boys. When he isn’t washing dishes he LOVES to go fishing! (He’s a boy after my husbands heart!) 

When he was 18 months old, and out fishing with his Dad, he caught a fish. His Dad released the fish and Talyn, being the good fisherman he is…jumped right in after that fish! He looks a little “Soggy”… but ya gotta love a fisherman who isn’t about to let “the big one” get away! (What was Dad thinking?!!!)

He loves to ride his bike and go sledding.

He also LOVES to help his Daddy work on things. That’s him in a welding helmet watching Dad weld a new exhaust under the “truck’d”.

What Dad wouldn’t want this little buddy helping him out?

This is Talyn’s blue monster buddy…”Blue Cheese”. (He even names his monsters after food! I think I’m in love for sure!)

Talyn’s favorite food is noodles-n-juice (cooked elbow noodles with tomato juice and shredded cheese). He loves cookie dough blizzards from DQ and his favorite restaurant is Lupitas mexican food. (Yep…I’m in love with this little man!)

For his 5th birthday he wanted a “worm” cake. So a worm cake is what he got!

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t find a better “boy” birthday cake if you tried. Good job Mom!

I think he was pretty happy about it! What do you think?

The best part about this “Kid In The Kitchen” is that ever since that first day of “being old enough” to help in the kitchen he has washed the dishes once a week. His Mom said,

” The BEST part is that he never complains and he does a decent job!”.

I honestly can’t think of anything that would make a Mom’s heart melt more than to have one of her “littles” volunteer to help ease her work load and to do it willingly!

Hooray Talyn! You are an awesome Kid in the Kitchen and fantastic helper!

If you have a “Kid In The Kitchen” you’d like me to spotlight please contact me via e-mail under my contact tab. I’d love to celebrate your little here at my Nest!

If you’d like to leave Talyn a comment or two, I’ll be sure he receives them. I think it’s important to encourage our kids to learn all the life skills they can!

Thanks Talyn for letting me share your awesome story! Keep up the good work! If ya ever run out of dishes I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

From Talyn and myself…have a GREAT DAY!











  1. Chelcie | 23rd Feb 17

    Awe Norine! We love you SO much!

    • | 24th Feb 17

      Love you guys too! Thank you so much for allowing me to share Talyn’s story with everyone here at Norine’s Nest! We his “go get’em” attitude and zest for life! 😉 Hugs!

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