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Copy Cat Winger Wings

There are two things that go together…I think it’s almost illegal if you don’t have both. What am I talking about…Football and Wings! Is it even possible to watch a Super Bowl without having a big ol’ plate of sticky, hot and sweet, lip smacking wings? I’m pretty sure it’s a Technical…flags down all over the place, if you even try to watch a game without at least a wing in each fist! Right? You can skip all the other food at the party, but you better have a GREAT platter of Ribs! These my friends…are GREAT WINGS! You’re gonna love’em!

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Buffalo “Sticky Fingers” Salad

I love sticky finger licking, lip smacking, buffalo chicken tenders. The kind they serve at a certain “wing” place…yeah, those! Well, I’ve taken those and added them to a salad (that just erased all the’s in the handbook…mix fried foods with greens and greens win!) and used all my other favorite wing sides to go with it! It makes for one mouthwatering salad that is perfect in this killer heat! I don’t know about you but, I really think I’m melting! Which makes this salad just the dish to make for dinner. It quick and easy… and it won’t heat up your kitchen…even better!

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