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Desserts & Sweets

Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe

For years I’ve been looking for a rich and creamy Pumpkin Pie Recipe! Basically the Perfect Pumpkin Pie! Not so hard right? Wrong! It’s not that the others were “bad”…they just weren’t FANTASTIC! This traditional pumpkin pie is just that…FANTASTIC! Bonus…it’s easy to make! You’re gonna love this recipe so much it will quickly become your “must have” holiday dessert!

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Classic Chewy Snickerdoodles

One of my very favorite cookies on the planet have to be the Classic Snickerdoodle! Covered in a light cinnamon sugar, soft, tender, and chewy! They remind me of my childhood! I love to dunk them in hot chocolate or have a few with a big tall glass of ice cold milk! This is the BEST recipe I’ve found and I love that they don’t use cream of tartar…because I’m usually out of it!

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Fresh Classic Blueberry Pie

I never knew how much I love blueberry pie until this last week…and now I’m upset I’ve been missing out all these years! Why didn’t someone tell me? Time lost with pie is time you can never get back my friends. You don’t want to miss out on time with this amazing Fresh Classic Blueberry Pie! You want to set up regular date nights!

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Mint Fudge Asphalt Pie

We recently went to Winger’s and had a wonderful dinner with a pile of their famous wings. After…the cute little waitress asked if we wanted a slice of their “Asphalt Pie”? Do birds fly? Do cows moo? Do I want a dessert that has piles of mint ice cream in an Oreo crust topped with fudge, caramel sauce, and whipped cream? You bet your booty I do! After that…well…I just came on back to my Nest and made my own version! It’s so easy and SO good! Perfect for the warmer days ahead!

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