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I love food! All food…but I really love comfort food! I know… it’s a word that’s tossed around a lot in the blogging world, but in all fairness, I have to say that the majority of foods fill a need. For some it’s comfort, for others happiness, joy, sorrow, sadness, or stress. I mean food feeds our emotions, as well as our bellies! If it didn’t there wouldn’t be so many foodies out there all looking for that one optimal dish.
One of my favorite “comfort” foods is Chicken Pot Pie. Maybe it’s the memories of those little frozen pies by banquet when I was kid, or maybe it’s because the combination of ingredients is like Thanksgiving in a pie shell? Whatever the reason, it’s still a favorite. I spent years looking for the perfect recipe and then just decided to make my own. I wanted one loaded with “the good stuff”! Lots of meat, vegetables, and a creamy gravy, all packed inside the perfect flaky crust. I hope you’ll agree…this pot pie is the perfect “comfort food”!

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