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The Best Dark Chocolate Cake

If Willy Wonka and his buddies, the Oompa Loompa’s were going to make “The BEST Dark Chocolate Cake” in that magical chocolate factory…this would be it! This is the chocolate cake dreams are made of! I’d be praying for a “Golden Ticket” if it meant I got to taste a piece of this Dark Rich Chocolate Cake! Don’t even get me started on the Dark Chocolate Buttercream! This is truly The Best Dark Chocolate Cake in the World!

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Too Much Chocolate Cake

Ever crave chocolate so bad you might look like a crazed woman turning into Mr. Hyde’s wife? Well don’t worry…I’ve got the cure. Let’s tame the beast with this glorious cake. It is my ALL TIME favorite chocolate cake. A statement I don’t make lightly! I stumbled onto this cake years ago, and no matter how many other chocolate cake recipes I try… they just don’t compare. Nothing can… and nothing ever will. This chocolate cake is everything you’d expect from it’s name! It’s just Too Much!

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