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Easy Ground Beef Enchiladas

One of the first main dishes I made, were these yummy easy ground beef enchilada’s. I was in High School and eager to make anything with hamburger that wasn’t “meatloaf” or “spaghetti”! We all have our limits! lol Years later…it’s still one of my very favorite quick tasty family meals. The only thing to change over the years? The enchilada sauce. I make my own now…but you can still use canned! This is a dish your family will love!

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Easy White Chicken Enchilada’s

I love Mexican food! (I think we have established that?) Love may be a little on the understated side as far as adjectives go. It’s more an obsession/adoration! The flavors, the smells…the CHEESE! It’s all there. During the week though… time is limited. So I put together this “easy” recipes for White Chicken Enchilada’s. The sauce is 3 ingredients and the Rotisserie chicken and packaged grated cheese make this dish a breeze to make!

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