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Fresh Strawberry Pie

I truly LOVE fresh fruit pies. I think I love them even more than baked fruit pies? Hmmmm? (I may need to get back to you on that!) Any who…I am slightly giddy over this fresh strawberry pie. It’s just like Mom made. (Mom if this isn’t your recipe do NOT crush my illusions) It is as delicious as it looks. I know it was all over Facebook last week and I knew the minute I saw it, I was going to make it. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day dessert. Mom’s love eating fresh fruit in pie… it’s guilt free cause it counts as one of our fruit servings! YES it does!!! (Course so are jelly fruit filled donuts…I’d use extreme caution when choosing to argue that point!) I think my new tag line will be… “Just saving husbands lives one tip at a time”! Enough of this…come check out this mouth-watering pie!

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