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Motherhood, Birds, and Kryptonite!

It’s time for a visit from Frazzled Frannie! Hooray! I thought we’d take a short little “food” break, just for today. I want to share some of my thoughts about the toughest job in the world…Motherhood! Not just “motherhood” but, the stages of “motherhood/womanhood”. I think we as women spend too much time joking about the harsh realities of motherhood and we feel guilty if we say “HEY! This is HARD! HELP!”. So grab your favorite drink (maybe sneak in a cookie or cupcake) and join me for a couple of minutes.

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Frazzled Frannie

I’d like to introduce the newest member here at Norine’s Nest. She is my alter ego Frazzled Frannie! I asked my dear friend Brenda if she could come up with a picture I could use when posting my personal stories here on the Nest. Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair that every other category get’s to hog all the photo’s and “Norine’s Notes” is left out! Since most of my stories leave me completely frazzled, (that may be the biggest understatement I have EVER made!), I wanted my alter ego to look EXACTLY how I feel after one of my crazy adventures! Doesn’t poor Frannie look frazzled?! Brenda did an amazing job! I was positively giddy last night when she sent her to me! Thank you Brenda! Your talent is amazing!

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