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Norine's Notes

Creating A Vision Board

Do you make New Year Resolutions every year… only to fail year after year? I struggled for years setting goals and trying to making them happen! I felt like a failure time and time again. Then last year a fellow blogger taught me about “Vision Boards”. It was LIFE CHANGING! So life changing that I wanted to share it with all of you! I’m sharing everything I learned last year about how to make a Vision Board and, more importantly, how to make it work in your life!

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Big 4th Of July Sale

To celebrate the 4th of July I’m having a one day only sale! 10% off your entire order at Norine’s Country Nest. Hurry items are going fast! These aprons and dish towels are original designs and super cute! Perfect for wedding gifts, shower gifts, birthday gifts or…”I’m so Awesome I deserve a gift” gifts! lol Just enter code USANEST10 at check out!

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Thoughtfully Add Beer, Bake Bread Gift Set

The good folks at Thoughtfully Gifts sent me another wonderful gift box to review. This time it’s a gift for “Him”… AND… bonus…it’s on SALE right now! You won’t believe all the wonderful goodies that came inside this gift box. Thoughtfully gifts believes that every gift box should tell a story and they strive to do that with each and every gift box they create. This awesome gift box is no exception! Come take a peek at all the fun they packed into this Add Beer, Bake Bread gift set. (Don’t fret…the alcohol bakes out of the bread)

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Kids In The Kitchen #2

I have a magnet on my refrigerator in the kitchen that read’s “I love a man with dish pan hands!” I can’t think of anything better… other than maybe a kid with dish pan hands!
It’s time for another fun edition of “Kids In The Kitchen”. Come meet my friend Talyn and see how he loves to help his Mom in the kitchen.

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Kids In The Kitchen #1

I’m SUPER excited! Today is the first day in my NEW monthly series “Kids In The Kitchen”! I instantly fell in love with this concept the minute it came to me. I love children and I love food!
I’m deeply concerned that the skills of cooking are getting lost in our “fast food” friendly society. I want to share with other children the joy of cooking through their peers! If I can inspire young cooks, through this monthly post, to get into the kitchen and experiment with food then I will feel like I’ve done something AMAZING with my life!
Join me today as I introduce you to my buddy Trent and his amazing cinnamon rolls! (A kid after my own heart!) Maybe you have a “Kid In the Kitchen” who would love to inspire others too! I’d love to have them join us!

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Motherhood, Birds, and Kryptonite!

It’s time for a visit from Frazzled Frannie! Hooray! I thought we’d take a short little “food” break, just for today. I want to share some of my thoughts about the toughest job in the world…Motherhood! Not just “motherhood” but, the stages of “motherhood/womanhood”. I think we as women spend too much time joking about the harsh realities of motherhood and we feel guilty if we say “HEY! This is HARD! HELP!”. So grab your favorite drink (maybe sneak in a cookie or cupcake) and join me for a couple of minutes.

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Vacation Wrap-Up!

Vacations are great! Trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation…not so great! I’m still trying to catch up on the laundry. Anyone else ever struggle with this when they come home from vacation? Whew! If you don’t hear from me in a few days come looking under the mountain of laundry!

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Vacation For Two…Day Two

I like to call day two Venus vs. Mars! After surviving the cave (Mars) it was my turn to pick our next adventure (Venus)! I realized once again, that while Mars and Venus may be in the same solar system, there are millions of light years between the two! I thought I was a pretty darn good sport about cave exploring and my honorary position as “Ranger Norine”. So, I picked one of our favorite Southern Utah towns. Santa Clara for day two. I just knew that “Mars” was going to love my adventure as much as I was! (light years people, LIGHT YEARS!)…

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