Frazzled Frannie

I’d like to introduce the newest member here at Norine’s Nest. She is my alter ego Frazzled Frannie! I asked my dear  friend Brenda if she could come up with a picture I could use when posting my personal stories here on the Nest. Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair that every other category get’s to hog all the photo’s and “Norine’s Notes” is left out! Since most of my stories leave me completely frazzled, (that may be the biggest understatement I have EVER made!), I wanted my alter ego to look EXACTLY how I feel after one of my crazy adventures! Doesn’t poor Frannie look frazzled?! Brenda did an amazing job! I was positively giddy last night when she sent her to me! Thank you Brenda! Your talent is amazing!

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So, anytime you see Frannie on the home page, you’ll know it’s story time! I know she and I are busy working on our next story for Mother’s day! It is my special treat for all the nester’s out there! So keep an eye out for Frannie! She’ll be popping back in for a visit shortly. Remember to laugh today!


  1. Brenda Rasmussen | 5th May 16

    Love this so much Norine!!! I love this blog!

    • | 5th May 16

      Thanks Brenda! This just makes my day! I really appreciate you stopping by and checking out my most recent post! Let me know if you make these cupcakes! Happy Mother’s Day!

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