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Comfort Food

Chicken Rice Casserole

It’s beginning to feel like Fall! With school starting back up and the leaves changing color, I’ve been craving good old home style comfort food! The kind Grandma use to make. This Chicken Rice casserole has long been a family favorite and fits the bill perfectly! Even your picky eaters are going to love this simple easy to make casserole.

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Chicken Broccoli Casserole

I was contemplating what to post for my very first main dish recipe here at “Norine’s Nest”? Immediately I thought of the dish that captured my hubs heart long before I did! (Truth be told, I’m pretty sure this sealed the deal of heart capturing! Yeah, it’s THAT good!) Chicken broccoli casserole is just one of those super wonderful comfort foods. Right up there with mac-n-cheese (The real kind!) and fresh hot homemade bread with melted butter! The flavors in this dish are out of this world! My mom made this casserole for our family as I was growing up, and I made it for my birds. I still make it! Even with all the little birds gone!

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