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Egg recipes

Easy Asparagus, Mushroom and Bacon Quiche

Fresh tender asparagus pieces, mushrooms, onions, applewood bacon, and gouda cheese come together in a symphony of flavor in this creamy quiche that’s perfect for Easter brunch! It’s snowing today…but in my heart I know Spring is just around the corner! (My heart is more dependable than that rodent looking for his shadow!) How do …

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Loaded Vegetable Quiche

A year ago I discovered I had a secret Quiche lover living at my house. You’ll never believe who it was? I’m still in shock! So just to test if they truly were as much a Quiche lover as they claimed to be…I made this ultra delicious loaded vegetable Quiche. Three slices later it…yup…it passed the test! Quiche is a perfect brunch dish. It’s easy to make yet elegant to serve!

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