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The women at this Nest love fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! We love it so much I planted 3 huge rhubarb plants in the backyard and we anxiously wait every spring for them to get large enough to cut so that I can make one of these amazing pies! Nothing say’s Country dessert like fresh, straight from the oven, strawberry rhubarb pie! This year it took a little longer for the rhubarb to get where it needed to be but…it was SO worth the wait!

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When it comes to Pie…I think the debate has been going on for decades…Cherry or Apple? I personally love them both. However, I do tend to think of “Cherry” as a “summer” pie and Apple as a “fall” pie! However, you think of them… this Traditional Cherry Pie made with Tart Red Cherries, a subtle sweet filling, and it’s ultra flaky crust will have you cheering for team Cherry! Unless you don’t like Cherries…and then my friend…you have much bigger problems than I can help with! lol

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Still not sure what your serving for dessert on the “Big Day”! No worries…I’ve put together a collection of my Nest’s favorite holiday desserts. From fancy to simple and everything in-between. Whether you’re a first time baker, or a pro…my step-by-step instructions and recipes will help. They’re all here and waiting for you to come pick your favorite!

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