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Summer meals

Shrimp and Crab Seafood Boil

If you can boil water and love seafood… I have the perfect end of summer dish for you and the birds at your Nest! I’ve dreamt of making this meal for as long as I can remember and decided this Labor Day was the day! A seafood boil is easy, fun and mouth-wateringly delicious! The key is using the freshest ingredients you can find. Especially the seafood! You are going to want to squeeze this in before summer is over! It’s going to be our newest family tradition! Yeah, it’s THAT good! Best part…I’ve scaled the size of the normal boil down in case you want to make it for “a table of two”!

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Buffalo “Sticky Fingers” Salad

I love sticky finger licking, lip smacking, buffalo chicken tenders. The kind they serve at a certain “wing” place…yeah, those! Well, I’ve taken those and added them to a salad (that just erased all the’s in the handbook…mix fried foods with greens and greens win!) and used all my other favorite wing sides to go with it! It makes for one mouthwatering salad that is perfect in this killer heat! I don’t know about you but, I really think I’m melting! Which makes this salad just the dish to make for dinner. It quick and easy… and it won’t heat up your kitchen…even better!

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