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Tropical S’mores

I’m one of the few humans that doesn’t go “gah-gah” when the word “S’more” is mentioned. Yep….Not the president of the “S’more Fan Club”. They’re okay. However, they usually mean your camping. I prefer a hot chocolate chip cookie at the Double Tree! Now THAT’S how ya should camp! However, a few weeks ago I spotted these amazing Coconut Pineapple Smash Mallows. There they were…just screaming to be made into a gourmet “S’more”! Who am I to turn down a Marshmallow in trouble? So I brought them home and turned them into these AMAZING Tropical S’mores! Honestly…I was swooning after the first bite. They are incredible. You MUST try these tasty delights this summer! You’ll be hooked after just one bite!

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Double Caramel Apples

Fall just isn’t Fall at this Nest until I’ve made my Double Caramel Apples! I ramp it up… of course… by adding chopped nuts and drizzled chocolate! This is one of our favorite Fall treats! It’s a family tradition! I’ve been making this recipe for the past 18 years! You’ll be shocked how they taste just like those expensive apples you buy from a certain Rocky Chocolate Store for a fraction of the cost. They are so easy to make! We all love this ooey gooey treat! I hope you do too!

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