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Vacation For Two…Day Two

I like to call day two Venus vs. Mars! After surviving the cave (Mars) it was my turn to pick our next adventure (Venus)! I realized once again, that while Mars and Venus may be in the same solar system, there are millions of light years between the two! I thought I was a pretty darn good sport about cave exploring and my honorary position as “Ranger Norine”. So, I picked one of our favorite Southern Utah towns. Santa Clara for day two. I just knew that “Mars” was going to love my adventure as much as I was! (light years people, LIGHT YEARS!)…

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Vacation for Two Please

Several months ago Grill Master and I started planning a vacation. It would be our first “alone” trip in 17 years. Our last, was a cruise to Alaska in 1999. To be frank, I’m not sure that even qualified for “alone”? It was a couples cruise with all my siblings and their spouses! It was a wonderful trip but, we are WAY over due! With the nest empty we decided we would do something just for us! (Yes! It does feel good to be totally selfish after all these years. I’m not going to lie!) As we began planning our trip there were a few “unspoken” guidelines. First, any location requiring flight…OUT! (It’s a long story for another day! I might have “wings” but, not the kind needed for flying!) Tropical locations equal swimsuits…definitely OUT! (His legs have not seen sunshine since the great sunburnt feet incident of 1990, and my body hasn’t been stuffed into a swimsuit since…yeah, well…that long! Nuff said) Hot locations…totally OUT! (Me+ heat is SO not pretty! I make Godzilla look like an annoyed little lizard!) All that said … It had to be some where we love, could drive to, (fully clothed), in cool weather. We tossed around all kinds of ideas but, nothing appealed to us. Then one day while we were talking, I was on Pinterest, (I like to think of it as multi-tasking not ignoring Grill Master) Anyway, I saw a pin that read…

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