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Blueberry Banana Belgian Waffles

Is there anything better than a hot, light, and crispy Belgian Waffle for breakfast? YES, there is! It’s this fresh Blueberry Banana Belgian Waffle. A fluffy light thick delicious waffle with hints of banana and fresh warm juicy blueberries in every bite! This is what happens when you have no patience to wait to make Banana Blueberry bread. I’m so glad I’m not a patient person. You will be too!

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Strawberry Vanilla Waffles

It’s Spring! One thing I absolutely love about spring are all the fresh strawberries you can find in your local market. They’re screaming “Hey! We’re over here!”. Admit it! Your cart just automatically pulls over in their direction.I grew up in a small town in San Diego County, California. We were surrounded by strawberry fields! One of things I miss about California, besides the ocean, are those wonderful red gems of juicy fruit! Every spring I would watch those specks of red starting to dot the hillsides. It was glorious! I just knew that any day, I would get to go to the strawberry stand with my Mom and pick up a flat of berries. I also knew I would sneak one, bite into it, and have the juice just run down my chin! (I might actually be drooling right now!) There is nothing like giant, fresh picked, strawberries! I’m pretty sure there are going to be fresh strawberry stands in heaven! There has to be if it’s going to heaven for heaven’s sake!

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