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Christmas Sandwich Cremes

These Christmas Sandwich Cremes have always been called “Hamburger Cookies” at this Nest and the Nest where I grew up. A delicate, flaky pastry cookie filled with sweet creamy filling…they melt in your mouth and are completely swoon worthy! You can take every other cookie off the Goodie Tray…just leave me my “Hamburger Cookies” and nobody gets hurt!

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Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

I’m kicking off Holiday Baking Season with one of my very favorite cookies! It’s like a candy and a cookie all in one! What could be better than that? (Not much…unless it’s fairies to do the dishes!) You’ll love the rich buttery chocolate cookie combined with the tender flavorful cherry. Top it off with the cherry chocolate frosting and BAAAA-ZINGA! One of the BEST Holiday cookies EVER! Hooray for Holiday Baking! We’ve got this…right?!!!

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Linzer Lemon Raspberry Cookies

I’ve always dreamed of making Linzer cookies for the Holidays. Yesterday was my mad Christmas Cookie baking day and I finally did it! I finally made these beautiful buttery lemon flavored Linzer cookies filled with glistening raspberry jam. What a perfectly delicious combination! Let me walk you step-by-step through the Linzer cookie making process. It’s so easy you’ll want to grab the mixer and whip up a batch for your Holiday Cookie tray!

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