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Cherry Chocolate Chip No-Churn Ice Cream

I decided to take the “plunge” and try my hand at a “No-churn” Ice Cream. I was intrigued with the simplicity of the recipe. I wondered if it could really be THAT easy? The good news…It is that EASY to make! The great news? It’s the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had! Not a cherry fan? You can add in your favorite mix-in’s. The best part of all… Summer just got a whole lot tastier!

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Baby Fruit Popsicles

Tuesday Tips is a post I will be doing on the 1st Tuesday of every month! So mark your calendar’s! (wink, wink) Today’s tip is for all you mommy’s out there with little ones. It’s summertime and we are all craving cool treats! From Ice Cream cones to Popsicles, and my favorite, Snow Cones. What about our “littles”? Don’t they deserve a treat too. One that won’t melt all over them and you before they can finish it? I’ve created these healthy yummy “Baby” popsicles! Perfect for baby, toddlers or even your smaller kiddos. Perfect for those “teethers” too! Best part…they are made with fresh fruit and 100% baby fruit juice and they’re super duper easy to make…come take a peek! My model is pretty darn stinkin’ cute!

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Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana’s

To round out this week I wanted to share one of our favorite new frozen treats! Hand dipped chocolate frozen banana’s with toasted almonds! Usually a treat only found at fairs or amusement parks, I decided it was about time we brought this special treat home to roost! They are so “a-peeling!” (You didn’t think I could resist that pun did you?) You are going to love how simple these are to make and you are REALLY going to love how heavenly they are on a warm summer night!

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