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This is the BEST One Pot Homemade Goulash you’ll ever have! A beautiful blend of American and Hungarian Goulash with a warm rich paprika sauce simmered for an hour. It’s loaded with pasta and tangy white cheddar cheese. This Goulash Recipe is not only easy, it is beyond scrumptious! It’s the “ber” months!!! Hooray!! Honestly …

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I love creating new recipes using leftovers. I hate waste…especially when it comes to food. I read some where recently that the cost of groceries has double over the last few years. I don’t think any of us can afford to throw good food away! So when we had some leftover steak a few weeks ago, I created this elegant and delicious creamy mushroom sauce with grilled steak and cheese filled tortellini. It’s Ah-mazing! A must try! I drool just thinking about it…course that could be an old age thing too! lol

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