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Minature fairy garden in a wagon

Creating Your Own Fairy Garden

I have a confession…I have a “tiny” obsession…I love miniature things! (Are ya loving the word play?) I adore fairy gardens! Even before they were popular I loved them. They are magical and whimsical, and transport us to imaginary wonderlands. (I warned you it was an obsession) I love them so much that I announced to “Mars” (I’ve decided this is his new nickname…cause… he’s out of this world! I know, I know..Gag,gag, gag!), a few years back, that one day my yard would be filled with fairy gardens! I wanted my grandchildren to enjoy their magic. (I believe the response was eye rolling and head shaking! Humpf! Rude!) If you have dreamed of having a fairy garden I want to share mine with you. Perhaps I can share a few “helps” I have learned over the last few years…

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Fairy Beach Lantern

Whose ready for summer?! I know I am! Which is one reason I was so excited to do this fairy beach lantern! Isn’t it cute?! I love when I have a vision and it actually turns out! Whew! …

A few weeks ago I found this darling lantern! I grabbed it up as fast as I could! Isn’t it cool?! (Sorry, I’m a child of the 70’s you will have to deal with the word cool, and the fact that you have just realized how old I am!) When our daughter got married and moved out, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in her old room!

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Two Little Feet

Is there anything cuter, in all the land, than little baby feet? I just love to pop off little “B’s” socks and peek at those cute little wiggly piggly’s. I love her cute little toes! (Well, admittedly I love every little inch of her, but today we are talking hands and feet!) I’ve been itching to do some canvas prints of her little piggy’s and chubby hands! So, I used that excuse to invite my girls over for a morning of crafting! Trust me when I say it takes two grown adults, to one wiggly 6 month old, to pull this craft off!

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