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Air Fryer Parmesan Wings on a iron skillet with dipping sauce

Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Wings

Crispy Golden Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings prepared using my new Mealthy Crisplid…my favorite new kitchen tool! These wings are scrumptious! Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and loaded with so much flavor. The biggest plus…air fried! That means a whole lot less calories and more wings for your tummy!

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Plate full of Oven Fried Mini Flautas

Oven Fried Mini Beef Flautas

Finger Foods are the BEST food for a Big Football game…if you happen to know of any coming up! These Mini Beef Flautas are oven baked to a crisp and served with fresh made Guacamole. They’re SO good your guests may forget there’s a game on! Welll…maybe not…but they’ll enjoy the eats!!

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Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Dip

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Dip

A couple years ago I made Cherry Cheesecake Dip for a baby shower I was hosting. It was so popular that I decided to change it up a bit for the upcoming Holiday Season and make it a Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Dip! Just when you think a favorite can’t get any better…you find out it can! This is the perfect dessert dip for this years festivities and I promise it will be the hit of dessert table.

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Grilled wings on plate

Grilled Citrus Spiced Chicken Wings

Is there anything better than a crispy deep fried chicken wing? YES! A grilled marinated chicken wing loaded with the warm rich flavors of summer and Mexico! Who knew a chicken could bring ya yummy vacation party in your mouth! Little bits of char mingled with bold citrus flavors and spices…who needs an airline ticket when you can just stay at home, watch the sun set from your back porch, and munch on a few amazing tasty wings!

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Loaded Tater Tots with jalapenos

Loaded Tater Tots

Looking for a totally guilty pleasure dish? I mean “guilty” with a capital “G”! These amazing Loaded Tater Tots will have you swooning with each and every forkful! I took a dish from a local restaurant and gave it my own delicious twist! Golden Crispy Tater Crowns are topped with a rich homemade cheese sauce, more melted cheese, bacon crumbles, jalapeno pepper rings, and fresh Pico De Gallo and Guacamole! I say…when it comes to loaded Tater Tots…go BIG or GO HOME! I went BIG!

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Brown Sugar Bacon Smokies

The birds at this Nest love Lit’l Beef Smokie Sausages! I’ve made them at least a hundred different ways. All good, but nothing mind blowing! Then I wrapped them in bacon, sprinkled them with brown sugar, baked them till crispy with a delicious glaze….MIND BLOWN!

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Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

One of the joys of the Holiday Season are the specialty party foods! Like appetizers. I love appetizers! Little heavenly bites of YUM! One of my very favorite appetizers are these crab stuffed mushrooms. They’re easy to make, elegant, and beyond delicious!

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