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Breakfast recipes

Stack of Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes with a pat of butter and rich maple syrup

Classic Buttermilk Pancakes

Any pancake, flapjack, hotcake, griddle cake, flannel cake, or battercake lovers out there? I don’t care what you call them! I just know I call these Classic Buttermilk Pancakes…PERFECT! They are light, fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING! I’ve seriously been making the Best pancakes for years and I’m sharing all the LOVE with you…my friends! Come join me for a country breakfast! Nothing better than a great “Flapjack” to say “Good-morning sunshine!”

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A cherry lemon danish

Cherry Lemon Danish

Looking for a really scrumptious breakfast pastry that will feed a crowd? This is it! I’m having this love affair with Wewalkausa refrigerated puff pastry. It offers so many delicious options. Today I’m sharing my recipe for Cherry Lemon Danish. It may seem like a crazy combination…but the flavors are AMAZING together…plus there are those 64 flaky layers!

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An omlet with sausage, avocado, cheese

Sausage Veggie Omelet

There’s nothing worse than ordering an omelette and having the out side crispy brown and tough! Yet so many restaurants seem to serve them that way! Over cooked eggs are…to quote my favorite 3 year old… “Icky”! YIKES! Nothing worse than “Icky” eggs! So I’m not only sharing this AMAZING Sausage Veggie Omelette recipe…I’m sharing my tips for PERFECT omelettes…tender, fluffy, and delicious! Best thing about Omelette’s…they’re great for breakfast OR dinner!! Especially when you just need dinner for two!

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Peaches and Cream Scones

It could be my English blood, but I love muffins,biscuits, and scones! I’m a huge fan of baking powder and baking soda breads! They are so easy to make when you are in a hurry and looking for something yummy! When done right they are light, flaky, and a carb lovers dream come true! Last week I was looking for something to smother with my freshly made peach jam. These Peaches and Cream scones filled the bill! I think you’ll love them as much as we did!

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A danish with glaze and slivered almonds

Fresh Apple Danish

I. Love. Pastries! Especially French Pastries! Too bad I can’t just pop on over to France and grab a box full! The great news is with this awesome apple danish you don’t have to. With just one can of crescent rolls and this quick easy fresh apple filling you can bring the “danish love” to your Nest’s kitchen! You are going to love how easy this recipe is and how delicious! With apple season right around the corner you’re gonna want to make this delicious breakfast treat often!

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Blackberry Stuffed French Toast

This week is living proof that sometimes things just don’t go as planned! (Like a trip to the Emergency Room! Ugh!) When that happens you just have to pick yer’self up by the boot straps and keep on moving forward! So, when things aren’t going exactly how you planned, and you need a little sunshine in your life, I say start from the very beginning…Breakfast! What d’ya think? Would this beautiful mixed berry stuffed french toast chase away your blues? (Even though they’re “black”berries? Hmmmm!) It worked for me! I think it will work for you too!

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