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Layered Mint Chocolate Brownies

What’s better than a rich thick moist brownie? One that is topped off with a layer of mint buttercream frosting, crushed mint cookie, and drizzled with melted chocolate! That’s right…Layered Mint Chocolate Brownies! (Collective gasps gather here…lol) This is the dessert where chocolate and mint combine to create the most amazing treat. It’s perfect for the Holidays or…any day!

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Raspberry Brownie Sundae

I like to think outside of the box! The brownie box! I believe them when they say “Go Big OR Go Home”! So I KICKED up these Valentine Raspberry Brownies by about 100 notches! How you ask? Well…I added a delicious Raspberry filling, White Chocolate Chips, Toasted Almonds, a heaping scoop of Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato, Dark Chocolate Syrup, and Fresh Raspberry Sauce. I think that’s “BIG” enough. What do ya’ll think?

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