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Hamburger Recipes

Bowl full of Easy Homemade One Pot Goulash

Easy Homemade One Pot Goulash

This is the BEST One Pot Homemade Goulash you’ll ever have! A beautiful blend of American and Hungarian Goulash with a warm rich paprika sauce simmered for an hour. It’s loaded with pasta and tangy white cheddar cheese. This Goulash Recipe is not only easy, it is beyond scrumptious! It’s the “ber” months!!! Hooray!! Honestly …

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Easy Ground Beef Enchilada's on a plate

Easy Ground Beef Enchiladas

One of the first main dishes I made, were these yummy easy ground beef enchilada’s. I was in High School and eager to make anything with hamburger that wasn’t “meatloaf” or “spaghetti”! We all have our limits! lol Years later…it’s still one of my very favorite quick tasty family meals. The only thing to change over the years? The enchilada sauce. I make my own now…but you can still use canned! This is a dish your family will love!

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Hamburger Mexican Skillet Dinner

Hamburger Mexican Skillet Dinner

I’ve had so many of you write to me telling me how much you love my Country Hamburger Skillet, Thank You, and you’re always looking for quick, easy, economical hamburger recipes. Me too! So, I whipped up this delicious Hamburger Mexican Skillet Dinner. Your just one pound of ground beef away from scrumptiousness…well that a few other small ingredients…but that line sounded so good!

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Inside Out Bacon Cheeseburgers

I’ve got the perfect burger for your Memorial Day Weekend, or for that matter…any outdoor summer BBQ you’ve got planned! What’s better than a bacon cheeseburger? An “Inside Out” Bacon Cheeseburger! That’s right…let’s take delicious lean ground beef and stuff it with cheddar cheese and bits of crispy bacon? Then let’s load that beauty with all our favorite toppings…ripe tomatoes, green leave lettuce, red onion, pickles, and creamy avocado. I think it’s the perfect way to say “Hi Summer! Let’s get this party started!” It’s totally “Smoosh” worthy! (If you don’t know what “Smoosh” worthy is…they hot dog table is over there…lol!)

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