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Snowball Cookies

One of my favorite cookies as a child are these snowy powder sugar coated “Mexican Wedding Cake” cookies. They’re still a favorite. What’s not to love? They’re a scrumptious buttery shortbread cookie loaded with chopped pecans and rolled in “snow”! Plus…you can actually build a snowman with them…if you try really hard…then you have to eat them all…because you “touched” them! Don’t ask how I know this!

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Cheesecake Cookies

Here it is…The last holiday cookie for 2016! As they say, “I saved the best for last!”. I truly did. It’s no great secret I’m a lover of all things cheesecake! These Cheesecake Cookies, with snicker pieces hiding in the cheesecake filling, are the ultimate holiday cookie! I hope you love them as much as I do! Here’s wishing a very Merry Christmas to all my Nest friends! Enjoy!

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Linzer Lemon Raspberry Cookies

I’ve always dreamed of making Linzer cookies for the Holidays. Yesterday was my mad Christmas Cookie baking day and I finally did it! I finally made these beautiful buttery lemon flavored Linzer cookies filled with glistening raspberry jam. What a perfectly delicious combination! Let me walk you step-by-step through the Linzer cookie making process. It’s so easy you’ll want to grab the mixer and whip up a batch for your Holiday Cookie tray!

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Spiced Gingerbread Men Cookies

Who doesn’t like to be surround by a bunch of good looking men! Especially when they are the strong silent type! These Spicy Gingerbread Men with their festive bow ties just seem to shout “Merry Christmas”! To me it just doesn’t seem like the official Holiday baking has started until these guys show up on my counter with their cute smiling faces! A few of these fella’s and a big tall glass of cold milk and what more could a gal want?!!

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Chocolate-Dipped Orange Logs

Que the band! I’ve finally got my act together and have my first Holiday cookie for y’all! Whew! Goodness me I was beginning to wonder if this day would finally get here! It has and it has arrived with one amazing glorious orange flavored shortbread cookie log dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and rolled in chopped pecans! If you’re going to come to the party late…you best show up with something AMAZING and GRAND!

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Tiramisu Cheesecake

Looking for an elegant and decadent Holiday dessert? Look no further! My recipe for Tiramisu cheesecake is my husbands favorite dessert! (He’s been known to hide it so he doesn’t have to share!) It’s rich and creamy and packed full of everything you love about Tiramisu… Only in a cheesecake! Score one for team dessert!!! Come take a peek…you know you want some! You NEED this cheesecake in your life! It will help you from killing that Elf on the Shelf! lol

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Cranberry Orange Bread

Have I got GREAT news for you! If you’re looking for an easy, make ahead, breakfast idea for the Holidays this is it! This delicious cranberry orange bread with cinnamon streusel and drizzled with orange glaze is just the ticket! It may not get you on the Polar Express, but it will sure get you votes as the best holiday hostess and who knows….they just may hear a bell or two ringing!

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