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Grandma’s Pea Salad with Peanuts

Today’s post is dedicated to my Grandma Helen! My biggest cheerleader and the most adventurous soul I’ve ever known. Which is probably why she wasn’t afraid to try this Pea Salad when she first saw the recipe. She loved trying new unique recipes. It didn’t long before this salad was expected to be at every family function. It’s gonna take you by surprise!

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Frito Corn Salad

Friends this is the post I thought would NEVER happen! Not because it is earth shattering…it’s corn salad for Pete’s sake…but because I thought that nasty stomach bug had set up permanent residence here at this Nest! I’m still not 100% confident in saying it got the “evacuation notice”? I’m just happy to say this Frito Corn Salad is making it’s long over due Grand Debut!!! This salad is a MUST have for your recipe book. Once you make it…it’s here to stay…kind of like that dang bug! lol

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Fresh Tomato & Avocado Italian Salad

It’s Monday and time to share my all time favorite summer “go-to” salad! Fresh tomatoes are in season! This salad is perfect for helping you use up that garden overload! It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s full of flavor, and it makes any level cook look like a gourmet chef! If you love fresh tomatoes,avocados, and have a secret love-affair with cheese…this simple beautiful salad is for YOU!

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