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Hi! I’m Norine! Welcome to my Nest! I’m the wife to one awesome handsome “fisher”… man and mom to three amazing kids! I love cooking, baking, eating (those three should always go together!), aprons, cleaning (Yes, I’m one of those “freaks”), gardening, crafting, party planning (love me a good party!), movies, Dr. Pepper with pebble ice (Que the heavenly choirs), popcorn, kids, laughing, Netflix marathons, writing and most of all… hanging out with my family!

I’ve had various work experiences in my life. First and foremost, as previously stated, I’ve been a wife and mother for 30 years! (Plenty of work experience there! lol) I’m still mildly sane! (note, I did say “mildly”) In my early 20’s I worked for a major department store doing all their displays. I left that job for life in an office! I was an Escrow Officer for 11 years. An independent contractor for phone sales for another 12. I also held craft boutique’s for years and sold my crafts to independent gift shops.  I have owned my own wedding business, where I rented wedding gowns, altered them, made wedding cakes, did all the floral arrangements and reception decorations. I’ve also been a “closet writer” for years! I really am happiest when I can create yummy, beautiful, and fun things for those I love.

Family! They are the heart of my nest! I’ve been married to my best friend (I know, it’s corny but, it’s true) for 30 years! Our little nest of birds believe that “Families don’t have to match!  You don’t have to look like someone to love them!”  I’m thankful every day for two amazing birth moms who made my dreams come true. We have been blessed with three amazing children, 2 “spouse” children and our first granddaughter. My husband and I live in beautiful southern Utah in a small cute country town. How’dy! It still has an ice cream/soda fountain in the local main street pharmacy, and people still wave as they drive past you on your way “to town”! We absolutely love it!


Here’s our little gang! This picture was taken before Baby “B”. (I’m the one hiding in the back!) From L-R:  My husband-Alan, son-Landon, daughter-Taryn, and her husband Dustin, daughter-in-law Brooke, and our son Bryce.

And… Introducing little “B”!

Brakel blog picture

She lives in our cute country town with her mommy and daddy. I may, or may not, smother her with too many kisses but, come on…look at those cheeks! Yum! She and I are going to have a great time growing up together!

So, why blog at Fifty-sooommethang? Well, suddenly my nest is empty. Where did all my “chicks” go? (sniff, sniff) How did 30 years slip by so quickly?  I may have mentioned… I LOVE being creative! I now have time to share all the things I love to do that make my nest cozy, warm, inviting and FUN! I realized, hello, it was time to make my dream of writing come true! A blog was the perfect platform. A place I could be me! So, I created Norine’s Nest.

I’m so excited to share my favorite recipes, crafts, party planning ideas, and stories. I want to brighten your day! This wife, mommy, and woman thing is hard! Married or not married. Kids or no kids. We are all working women, all trying to do the best we can. It’s rewarding but, hard! I hope by sharing some of the funny, crazy, true life stories that have happened to me along this journey of nest building, I can bring a smile to your crazy hectic daily life! (Yes, they are really true stories!) I can’t wait to get to know you and share my love of “nesting”! So, grab a drink, warm up the oven, turn on the glue gun, and let’s have some fun together! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Nesting,