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Breakfast Casserole

Christmas morning is always a little “cray-cray” around this Nest! Even with all the crazy going on I wan the “birds” at this Nest to have plenty of steam to open up their gifts. So several years ago… I came up with this hearty, tasty, and easy Breakfast Casserole. It’s loaded with flavor, and protein, to keep them going throughout the morning…well that a little hot chocolate or spiced cider ought to do the trick!

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Blood Orange Sweet Rolls

I’ve been drooling over all the amazing recipes I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest with blood oranges. I’ve been dying to make something with them forever. I had one problem! Not one store in my cute country town carried them. So I went on the hunt last time we went to the “city” and I found them! Eureka!!! I was so happy I bought a bag full and then realized I wasn’t sure what to do with them. (I kind of wanted to put them in a treasure chest and bury them!) Then it hit me…How about sweet blood orange rolls…I am so, so, glad for that moment of inspiration! Blood Oranges have a hint of raspberry flavor and they are sublime in these light fluffy rolls!

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Very Berry Amaretto French Toast

Looking for the perfect Valentines Breakfast for that special someone? I’ve come up with the BEST Valentines Breakfast EVER! I created it just for you and all the loves at your Nest! Thick slices of Heart Shaped Vanilla French Toast are topped with fresh berries infused with Amaretto syrup (No worries…we’re cooking the booze out! Don’t want a bunch of tipsy chicks!) drizzled with a heavenly Fresh Amaretto Cream. Cupids arrow is going to go right through your heart after the first fork full! It will make you fall in love with Breakfast again! Pssst…you can make it just for yourself too! Hey, if your like me…FOOD is your LOVE!

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Lion House Cinnamon Rolls

Big, warm, squishy, soft, gooey, scrumptious Cinnamon Rolls! Who doesn’t love ’em?! I know I’m in love with these Lion House Cinnamon Rolls! I know you will be too!
On the carboliciousness scale they are off the charts! Add in the bonus that you can make these beauties on the dough cycle in your bread machine… and these babies are hands down the BEST and EASIEST cinnamon rolls that will ever pass your lips! All you need is your favorite hot drink to go with ’em and your set for a day of joy and happiness! Nothing better than a little cinna-love to start off the day! Yummmm!

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Banana Peach Smoothie

It’s Tip Tuesday! I’m sharing my handy dandy tip for making early morning breakfast smoothies a breeze. I’m sure we have, or have had, that one child who is always running late and never has time for breakfast. I realized when my daughter was a Senior in High School I had to come up with a healthy, quick, and delicious breakfast she would actually want and that she could consume while driving to school. She loves fruit so I realized I could do smoothies, but buying frozen fruit can be expensive! I wanted something really quick and easy. This was my solution. I hope it helps you too! This is perfect for everyone! Working Mom’s, toddlers, college students, anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning, but wants to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

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Seven Week Bran Muffins

Happy Monday! I’m starting this week out right by sharing my VERY favorite Bran Muffin recipe with you. WAIT! Don’t Run Away! I promise this is not your typical “rubber ball” bran muffin. It’s light, airy, moist, flavorful and will be one of your family’s very favorite muffin recipes. Best part…(there’s always a “Best Part”)…you can make them up today and store them in your refrigerator for up to 7 weeks and bake them off when needed. Some tonight…some next week! This recipe ALWAYS receives RAVE reviews! I promise…cross my heart! Don’t let that “B” word scare ya!

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Cherry Crumb Coffee Cake

Today I’m sharing a wonderful Cherry Crumb Coffee Cake. Yum! I’m a coffee cake fan! Always have been. What makes coffee cake… coffee cake? The batter is heavier than your usual cake batter. It’s one of the reason’s the “bundt” pan was invented and became popular in the 1950’s. The hole in the center allowed for the heavier batter to cook all the way through without having the center still “doughy” and uncooked. They also generally do not have frosting. The tradition of coffee cake came from the Danish around the 17th century when it became custom to have a sweet cake with their coffee. Maybe it’s the English blood that runs through my veins but, whatever the reason…I just know I L.O.V.E. a good, easy to make, coffee cake and…THIS is all that and more! Come take a peek…ya know ya want to!

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