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Side Dishes

Honey Poppy Seed Fruit Salad

One of the best things about summer is all the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables available. I especially love fresh fruits…blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, apricots, peaches, and plums. So many to chose from. Not too many things better on a hot summer day than a bowl full of cold fruit salad. Each bite packed full of amazing fruity juices. So the last thing we want to do is cover up all that fruit in a blanket of cream dips and dressing. Let’s allow the fruit to be the star! It’s spent months growing into perfection…it needs to shine. The simple Honey Poppy Seed dressing in this salad allows that to happen splendidly! Wanna join me for a cup of this Honey Poppy Seed Fruit Salad?

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Best Cheesy “Funeral” Potatoes

I can actually remember when these Cheesy “Funeral” Potatoes showed up on the scene! (YES! I’m THAT old!) Back then we didn’t call them “Funeral Potatoes”. I’m O.K. with that! We nicely called this recipe “Cheesy Potato Casserole” and left the event of “death” out of it! I mean, I do realize they are “To Die For”, and they are now a standard staple at every funeral across the country…but I really hate their acquired “nick name”. I mean if they are stuck with the nick-name of “funeral” potatoes…allow me to introduce you to “funeral ham”, “funeral” Parker house rolls, “funeral” bagged salad mix with Great value “funeral” ranch dressing… and let’s not forget about “funeral” Texas sheet cake! Okay, okay…I’ll put away my sarcasm for the day…but first, could you pass me the “funeral” margarine….

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Broccoli Puff

I’m busy planning my Easter menu! I am a true believe that side dishes are as equally as important, if not more so, than the main dish. I live by the motto that the side dishes can be a “meal breaker”. (No pressure right?) Never fear! I’ve got lots of wonderful side dishes headed your way and I’m starting out with this really easy and super delicious Broccoli Puff. It has a light, fluffy cheese topper that will remind you of a vegetable souffle!

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Spinach Artichoke Dip

Happy NYE Eve! I’m down with a cold, but that isn’t going to stop me from sharing my favorite hot dip recipe with you. You have to have it for your big New Years Eve parties! Hot Spinach and Artichoke dip is a classic. It’s not exactly new on the party scene. However, I’ve stepped it up a notch by serving it on a buttery garlic toasted Crostini! The combination of the two is OUT OF THIS WORLD! In a word… Amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever eat it again with corn chips. Your guest will absolutely love this dip/crostini combination. Come take a peek at how simple this is to make. Best part…you can make it ahead of time! One less thing on the “to-do” list! 😉

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Spiced Cranberry Orange Sauce

The count down is on to the biggest foodie holiday ever! Thanksgiving! Where tables around the country are laden down with giant juicy Turkeys! One of the BEST things about Thanksgiving dinner is all the amazingly wonderful side dishes! One of my all-time favorites is this homemade Spiced Cranberry Orange sauce. It’s easy and so simple! All you need is four ingredients to make the most delicious cranberry sauce you have ever had! I promise! It’s so yummy you’ll be sneaking spoonfuls of it! (Don’t ask me how I know that! lol)

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Easy Fried Rice

I’m throwing down this amazing simple and delicious fried rice recipe! Right smack dab in the middle of “Fall Fest”! You’re probably scratching your head and wondering why? It’s simple really…because a reader asked me to! One of the most important things to me in this blogging journey is my readers! It was the nudge I desperately needed. I’ve been saying for weeks I was going to get “around to it”…(the list is long folks) so, today I finally did! All you need is to bring the fortune cookies! The rest is as easy as 1-2-3! I promise…it’s better than take-out!

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Cheesy Party Potatoes

I love our tradition of Sunday Family Dinners with our married children! It brings us great joy to sit around the table and share a family meal together. I love to find amazing side dishes to serve to my “meat and potato” guys. This old family favorite Cheesy Party Potato Casserole is extra yummy because of the crunchy corn flake topping!

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Fresh Homemade Salsa!

Hold On! This is big folks! BIG! I’m going to share my “top secret” Fresh Salsa recipe! I learned to make this salsa from my “bestie”, my Aunt Janie. Well… I thought I did?! One day she was over visiting and I was whipping up a batch of “her” salsa, I told her I was making her recipe! She laughed and said “Oh, it’s great salsa but, this isn’t my recipe! I’ve never made my salsa like this!” SAY WHAT?!! Shut the front door and color me purple! I turned to her and said, What are you talking about?! I’ve watched you make this salsa a hundred times and this is EXACTLY how you make it! She laughed again and said “Nor, this isn’t how I make my salsa!” Hmmm! Maybe she did share “her” recipe with me that day but, if she did I don’t remember, and honestly as far as I’m concerned… this is HER salsa and I make it perfectly! Ha! Oh boy! I can hear her now giggling up above and shaking her head…

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