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Mexican food

Homemade tamales with cheese on top

Homemade Tamales

I was never a huge fan of Tamales. Then I tasted my friends Tamales! Whoa..Game changer! I begged her to teach me how to make them! She took pity on me. Thank heavens! Now they’re a yearly tradition at this Nest. Yes there’s a little bit of prep and work to them, but if I can make them…YOU can make them!

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A selection on ingredients in separate bowls

Mexican Haystacks

Hawaiian Haystacks have always been a favorite at this Nest. However, the other day I was craving Mexican and got to thinking…What if you changed out the steamed rice for Spanish rice…and involved salsa and avocados! Sounded like a FANTASTIC idea to me…and it was!!!

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Rice made with Mexican herbs and spices

Spanish Rice

One of my favorite side dishes when having Mexican Food is the rice! I love a good Spanish rice. Especially if it is packed with the warm flavors and spices of true Mexican food. A few years ago I came up with this home style version that is so easy and so flavorful! So much better than what you find at your local restaurant. I bet you have the secret ingredient in your cupboard right now!

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Nachos with meat, beans, avocado, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream

Loaded Nachos

I am no different than any woman out there! Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking either. Sometimes I’m tired and trying to come up with something new is a challenge. Sometimes I just want a big ol’ plate full of crunchy cheesy fully Loaded Nachos! Crispy corn chips piled high with shredded meat, two kinds of melted cheese, black beans, fresh Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream, Fresh Guacamole, Olives…do I have your attention yet? Face it….Nachos are such a delicious guilty pleasure and a fun easy meal…sometimes! lol

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A collage of various mexican dishes

Cinco De Mayo Round-Up

It’s almost time for my favorite foodie Holiday! No… It’s not Thanksgiving. It’s Cinco de Mayo! I love a holiday that allows me to have all the melted cheese and guacamole I want. Then there’s those chips and fresh salsa… and let’s not forget the Fried Ice Cream Cake! I have compiled all our favorites into one post with links to every single recipe. Let’s Fiesta!

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Chicken enchiladas with cheese and sour cream

Easy White Chicken Enchilada’s

I love Mexican food! (I think we have established that?) Love may be a little on the understated side as far as adjectives go. It’s more an obsession/adoration! The flavors, the smells…the CHEESE! It’s all there. During the week though… time is limited. So I put together this “easy” recipes for White Chicken Enchilada’s. The sauce is 3 ingredients and the Rotisserie chicken and packaged grated cheese make this dish a breeze to make!

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Oven Fried Chimichanga cut open and ready to eat

Oven Baked Loaded Chimichanga!

Who doesn’t love Mexican Food?! What’s not to love! All that ooey-gooey cheese, shredded meat, beans, and rich flavorful sauces! Stuff that inside a crispy crunchy golden flour tortilla and top it off with more sauce, melted cheese, maybe a little more cheese,…maybe a little more, and you have a the ultimate in Chimichanga’s. What I like to call the Grand Daddy of the Burrito family!

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Homemade Taquitos

I asked… You answered! Several months ago I asked my readers which main course dish they wanted me to share. I gave you several choices and your overwhelming response was “Taquitos!” It took me a little longer than I had hoped to get this up on the blog but, without further delay…here is my recipe for Taquitos. (Thanks for your patience!) The favorite Mexican dish of every bird at my Nest! So easy to make you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to try them!

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Tangy Chicken Fajita’s

It was a crazy weekend and my inner beast was craving some really GREAT Mexican food so I turned to my favorite Fajita recipe! Tangy Chicken Fajita’s is the perfect cure for that craving! Not your typical Fajita recipe this one has a bit of a kick and wakes your mouth up with a great big “Howdy!” Serve it with warm tortillas, fresh salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream or any of your favorite toppings for one outstanding unforgettable meal! You’re gonna love it!

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