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Triple Berry Cream Cheese Shortcake

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Triple Berry Cream Cheese Shortcake is the best! It’s swirled with baked cheesecake filling every nook and cranny with delicious little bits of heavenly luscious cream cheese.

A slice of shortcake made with strawberries, blue berries and raspberries with whipped cream on top

A few weeks ago I made those yummy Cherry Cream Cheese Knots. When I finished I had some leftover cream cheese mixture. (Grandma taught me we do NOT waste food! Which pretty much explains why I eat everything…)

I was making strawberry shortcake at the same time…so I thought “Why Not?” Just to play it safe I only did it on half of the shortcake…mainly because Mr. Mars can be sort of picky about his shortcake.

Well I loved it! Wow! It’s like having moist shortcake with little nuggets of cheesecake blended in! Can you say “Heavenly”? (I’m pretty sure this is the shortcake they serve past the pearly gates!) 

I posted a photo of it on my instagram and right out of the gate I had several of you request the recipe. YIKES!!! I didn’t photograph the step-by-step process, so I had to wait till I made it again. Thankfully… During berry season that isn’t too long of a wait!

This time I made the entire shortcake with the cream cheese swirl and the family exclaimed… “Always make it like this!”  I think that pretty well sums up this shortcake. (I happen to agree with them.) 

How To Make Triple Berry Cream Cheese Shortcake

Since we are kickin’ up the shortcake it’s only fair to kick up the berries. Triple the berries!

I added a variety of berries to the traditional strawberries…blueberries and raspberries. The first time around I added black berries and blueberries. I’ll leave the berry combination up to you.

Add sugar to the berries and gently mix and set aside. Those ingredients all need to get cozy!

Triple fresh berries in a bowl

Before we continue…let’s talk about my philosophy on shortcake…why go to all the work to mix flour with shortening and baking powder when Bisquick has taken care of that for me? So… I use Bisquick for one thing…this is it! Shortcake.

In a large bowl add 2 cups of Bisquick, 3 Tablespoons of sugar, 4 Tablespoons melted butter, and 2/3 cup of milk.

Shortcake mix for batter

Mix all those ingredients together until you have a nice moist sticky dough. If it’s too firm add more milk.

In a separate bowl mix together 1/2 cup of soft spreadable cream cheese, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and half a beaten egg. Mix together until smooth.

shortcake batter for shortcake

Spread the cake batter into an 8 x 8 sprayed baking dish. Place dollops of the cream cheese mixture on top of the cake batter. I had a little bit of the cream cheese mixture left over.  (I just want you to know that I didn’t use every drop of the mixture. I’ll deal with Grandma in the afterlife!)

Cheesecake filling dabbed on top of shortcake

Using a butter knife swirl the cream cheese dollops into the cake batter. The majority of the Cream Cheese mixture will stay on top of the short-cake batter. Don’t worry about that. We want it there…we just want a little of it to swirl in to the batter.

cheesecake filling swirled into cake batter

Baking Shortcake

Sprinkle with sugar. Place in a 350° degree preheated oven. Bake for 25–30 minutes. Bake times may vary depending on altitude and oven temperatures so be sure to check the cake.

To do that slide a sharp knife into the center of the cake. If it comes out clean with no raw cake batter…it’s done. It may have some cream cheese on it…that’s okay.

Look at that shortcake! Isn’t it pretty! I love how the top of the shortcake has “cheesecake” nesting in the nooks and crannies! That’s a whole lotta YUM right there my friends!

Baked short cake with cheesecake filling baked

Cut into squares…while still warm, slice in half, top with all those yummy berries, and whipped cream!

slice of cheesecake short bread topped off with fresh triple berries and whipped cream

If you’ve read my first post on traditional strawberry shortcake…you’ll know I consider myself a connoisseur! (It’s a family thing that goes Waaaaaaay Back!) So being the worlds foremost expert on Shortcake…I can honestly say…HOT DANG! This is SO GOOD!

Favorite Family Dessert Recipes

Skip dinner and have this Triple Berry Cream Cheese Shortcake instead! You have my permission! Lol Shhhhhh…just don’t tell Grandma! (She’d want the first piece!)

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Yield: 9 servings

Triple Berry Cream Cheese Shortcake

Triple Berry Cheesecake Shortcake

This shortcake is the best! It's swirled with baked cheesecake filling every nook and cranny with delicious little bits of heavenly luscious cream cheese.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • 3 Cups Strawberries sliced thinly
  • 1 Cup Blueberries
  • 2 Cups Raspberries or Blackberries
  • 3/4 Cup Sugar


  • 2 cups Bisquick
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 3 Tablespoons Sugar
  • 4 Tablespoons melted butter

Cream Cheese Mixture

  • 1/2 cup spreadable original cream cheese
  • 3 Tablespoons sugar
  • Half a beaten egg
  • Whipped Cream for garnish



  1. Mix all berries in a large bowl and gently toss with sugar. Cover and keep in refrigerator until ready to serve.


  1. Grease a 8 x 8 glass baking dish. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. In a medium bowl mix together 2 cups of Bisquick, 3 Tablespoons of sugar, 4 Tablespoons of melted butter, and 2/3 cups of milk. Mix until sticky moist dough forms. If needed add more milk until cake batter is thick but spreadable.
  3. Spread shortcake in the greased 8 x 8 baking dish.

Cream Cheese Swirl

  1. In a small bowl mix together 1/2 cup of spreadable cream cheese, 3 Tablespoons of sugar, and half of a whipped large egg.
  2. Beat till smooth.
  3. Place large spoonfuls of cream cheese mixture on top of the shortcake batter. (You may not use all the cream cheese topping.) Using a butter knife swirl cream cheese mixture through the shortcake batter. Most of the cream cheese topping will stay on top. Swirl the best you can.
  4. Place baking dish in preheated oven.
  5. Bake for 25-30 minutes until sharp knife inserted comes out clean.
  6. Allow to cool briefly. Cut into 9 squares. Slice in square in half. Place a scoop of berries. Place top on top of first layer of berries. Top with more berries and whipped cream.

Nutrition Information:


9 servings

Serving Size:

1 slice of shortcake

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 359Total Fat: 15gSaturated Fat: 7gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 6gCholesterol: 39mgSodium: 438mgCarbohydrates: 54gFiber: 4gSugar: 34gProtein: 5g

Sharing is caring!

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Thursday 4th of May 2023

What exactly are you meaning by 1/2 of a beaten egg? Is this the egg white?

[email protected]

Thursday 4th of May 2023

Hi! Sorry this isn't clear...I take one egg and beat it with a fork, then use half of it in the cream cheese mixture. You could use all of it, but it makes the cream cheese mixture a little thinner than I like for this recipe. Hope that clarifies it for you. Again sorry for the confusion. Norine

Lila A Ponce

Sunday 5th of July 2020

Chile Relleno casserole is terrific!

[email protected]

Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Hi Lila! I agree! Chile Relleno casserole is amazing and one of my very favorites! Glad you enjoyed it. Have a great week. Happy Nesting! Norine

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Tuesday 7th of May 2019

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The Better Baker

Monday 26th of June 2017

I just picked myself up from the floor! Adding cream cheese (MY FAV ingredient!) to shortcake - you are absolutely brilliant! That's the only way I can imagine making shortcake better than it already is. Fabulous idea.

[email protected]

Monday 26th of June 2017

Marsha I laughed out loud when I read this! You cutie! It may be my one and only moment of brilliance so I'll take it! ;) It's so good. I know you'll love it. Thanks for sharing with me and for visiting my nest! You're the BEST!!! ~ Norine

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