Best Cheesy “Funeral” Potatoes

The original Best Cheesy “Funeral” Potatoes recipe made with southern hash browns, whipped cream cheese, and loaded with cheesy goodness!

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I know, I know…not ANOTHER “funeral” potato recipe! Hear me out for a minute…I’ve been making my “funeral” potatoes for 33 years! These are not the “new kid” on the block cheese potatoes.

This IS the original “cheesy funeral” potato casserole or cheese potatoes.  However, we didn’t call them “funeral” potatoes back then. It was just a new amazing easy cheesy potato casserole that you took to every church potluck and made for every family get-together.

First time I made these I wasn’t even married. A friend gave me the recipe and swore by them. I remember thinking “Cream of Chicken Soup” in cheesy potatoes?

Being young and having little kitchen experience I trusted her and went with it. Generations are grateful I did! They are a staple at every Holiday dinner table! Nobody even has to die for us to enjoy them! (Bonus!)

Casserole Dish filled with the Best Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

How To Make The Best Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

In a large skillet melt 1 stick of REAL butter.  Add one can of Cream of Chicken Soup (Yes… you can substitute cream of mushroom) and one 7.5 oz container of Whipped Philadelphia Chive Cream Cheese.

Tip: If you cannot find Whipped Cream Cheese with Chives you can use one small container of regular cream cheese with chives. Both work equally well it just takes a little longer for the regular cream cheese to melt.

Butter, Soup mix, and cream cheese over heat melting to create cheese sauce

Using a wire whisk blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy. Add in 1 cup of cubed mild cheddar cheese. You may need to add about 1/4 cup of milk to thin the mixture out.

Adding Cheese to Cream Sauce for Potatoes

Continue mixing until cheese is completely melted and everything is well blended .  It will be very smooth.

Cheese sauce for Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

Fill a large bowl with a thawed 2 lb bag of southern hash browns. Add the creamy cheese sauce and mix together.

Mixing Cheese sauce in with frozen country hash browns with spatula

Now you can bake these two different ways. You can pour the mixture into a 2 quart sprayed baking dish and bake them in the oven…OR…if you need room in your oven for other dishes, you can bake them in a sprayed casserole slow cooker.

It works fantastic and I love my slow cooker casserole dish.

Potatoes in Slow Cooker Casserole dish

Top with an additional cup of grated cheddar cheese.

Cheese sprinkled on top of cheesy funeral potatoes before baking

If baking in the oven, bake at 350° F, for one hour. If baking in your crock pot casserole dish cook for 2.5 – 3 hours on high or for 5 hours on low.

The potatoes should be “fork” tender.

Slow Cooking Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

You know what happens at this Nest with these delicious mouth-watering potatoes? The photographer doesn’t get a good photo because the piggy’s that live here “snarf” them all!

I seriously had to make another batch just to take a photo for this post! Even at that they don’t photograph very well. So photos aside…just trust me when I say these are the yummiest cheesy potatoes and your family will love them.

The Best Cheesy Funeral Potatoes on a serving plate

These are the BEST cheesy funeral potatoes I’ve ever had…and I’ve had LOTS!

Don’t wait to go to a funeral to have them! (Gads!) I really dislike that they have been nick-named “funeral” potatoes. I deal with it by telling myself it’s because they are “TO DIE FOR”!

This is the perfect side dish for Ham, Pork Roast, (Coffins?) or any main course dish you are making. Just remember…all the other recipes out there are “wannabe’s”!

Here are some of my other Favorite Side Dish Recipes

This is the REAL deal! lol 😉 Nobody wants 2nd hand cheesy potatoes at their funeral! That would just be…well…”Cheesy”! (Come on…ya knew I was going there!)

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Yield: 6 servings

Best Cheesy “Funeral” Potatoes

Best Cheesy “Funeral” Potatoes

The original cheesy "funeral" potato recipe made with southern hash browns, whipped cream cheese, and loaded with cheesy goodness!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes


  • 1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
  • 1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 1 - 7.5 oz. whipped cream cheese with chives
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 1 cup cubed mild cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup grated mild cheddar cheese
  • 2 lb. bag, thawed, southern hash browns (small cubes)


  1. In a large skillet melt 1/2 cup butter over medium heat. Add 1 can cream of chicken soup and the whipped cream cheese with chives. Stir until well blended.
  2. Add in 1 cup cubed mild cheddar and 1/4 cup of milk. Continue stirring until cheese is melted and mixture is creamy.
  3. Place bag of thawed hash browns into a large bowl. Add cheese sauce mixture. Stir together.
  4. Pour cheesy hash browns into a sprayed 2 quart baking dish or casserole slow cooker.
  5. Top with 1 cup of grated mild cheddar cheese.
  6. If doing the 2 quart baking dish, bake in a 350° F oven for 1 hour until fork tender.
  7. If making in a casserole crock pot bake on low for 3.5 hours or on high for 2 hours.

Nutrition Information:


6 servings

Serving Size:

3/4 cup

Amount Per Serving:Calories: 860 Total Fat: 67g Saturated Fat: 28g Trans Fat: 1g Unsaturated Fat: 34g Cholesterol: 113mg Sodium: 1692mg Carbohydrates: 51g Net Carbohydrates: 0g Fiber: 4g Sugar: 3g Sugar Alcohols: 0g Protein: 17g





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  4. The Better Baker | 21st Apr 17

    I am ALL FOR anything with cream cheese. These certainly do sound TO.DIE.FOR! Congrats on having this fabulous dish featured at Meal Plan Monday! So glad you shared.

    • | 21st Apr 17

      Thanks Marsha! You are such a dear. I’m with you and the cream cheese…I love it! Thanks for your sweet comments. I just love it when you visit! Have a fantastic weekend! 😉 Norine

  5. Claudine | 23rd Apr 17

    Now these sound just scrumptious! I am not a fan of sour cream and most of the recipes similar to this have sour cream in them and I feel it just overpowers the whole dish. The inclusion of the whipped cream cheese with chives is a big plus as I love the flavor of that combination. I will definitely put this on my “to make” list for next Sunday’s dinner.

    • | 24th Apr 17

      Hi Claudine…
      Thanks for the comments! They truly are our favorite potato recipe here at this house. Perfect dish for Sunday dinner. I can hardly wait to see how you like them. I completely understand about the sour cream too. You are not alone in those feelings. I have several readers who feel the exact same way. The whipped cream cheese is perfect in this dish and doesn’t over power it at all. It actually compliments it perfectly. Let me know how you like this dish. Thanks for visiting my Nest! Have a GREAT week! ~ Norine

  6. Cindy | 24th Apr 17

    Hi Norine. FYI we call these Wedding Potatoes where I came from in Pittsburgh Pa. They are really good. Thanks for the recipe.

    • | 24th Apr 17

      Hi Cindy!
      You are so welcome. I LOVE the name “Wedding” potatoes over “Funeral” potatoes. I guess here in Utah we like to celebrate depressing occasions. lol 😉 I think I’ll start calling them wedding potatoes instead…cause I love a good happy wedding. 🙂 (Romantic at heart) Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Brightened my day. Have a wonderful week and come back soon. ~ Norine

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  8. Linnie | 30th May 17

    I made these over the weekend for a family reunion and they are great. I’ve already received a request for the recipe.

    • | 30th May 17

      Hi Linnie!
      I’m SO glad that they were a hit with the family! I sure appreciate you sharing with me. Hope you had a wonderful time visiting with family! Have a GREAT week! ~ Norine

  9. Tiffany Blanke | 9th Jun 17

    I love using fresh stuff versus frozen. How would you recommend I use shredded golden potatoes? I’m thinking of partially boiling them so they’re not “al dente” when they’re finished.

    • | 10th Jun 17

      Hi Tiffany!
      I think you’d be fine just dicing up the golden potatoes, this recipe calls for the “country hash browns” which are the diced ones, and baking them a tad longer. However, if you are worried about the “al dente” then you could blanch them before hand. Honestly one of the awesome things about golden potatoes is they cook a little faster than their “cousin” the russet. 😉 lol Honestly if it were me using fresh potatoes in this recipe…I’d just cook it a little longer and test it with a fork to be sure they were tender. Hope this helps ya out. Let me know how they turn out. I’d love to hear back! Thanks for visiting my Nest! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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  11. Sheryl | 18th Dec 17

    What if you cannot find the whipped cream cheese with chives?? no where in my area..they only have the regular cream cheese with chive and onionm can i use that?

    • | 18th Dec 17

      Hi Sheryl!
      Yes! You sure can. I’ve done it many times when I can’t find it in my market either. It works great! Sorry. I should have included that with the instructions.
      Thanks for stopping by my Nest. You’re gonna love these potatoes! Have a wonderful Holiday.
      Happy Nesting!

  12. Sheryl Stratfold | 19th Dec 17

    Thank you! One more silly question! I seen these with crushed corn flakes on top in other recipes. Have you tried this? Not opposed to more cheese on top instead by any means, just wondering if anyone here has done it with this particular recipe. Thanks in advance

    • | 19th Dec 17

      Hi Sheryl!
      I have a recipe here on the blog for Party Patotes. That recipe does include the crushed corn flakes on top. This recipe leans more towards a really simple rich creamy Cheesy Au Gratin Potato Casserole. I’ve never tried it with the crushed corn flakes. It wouldn’t be bad on there at all and you could certainly add it to this recipe. Hope this helps. If you do try it with the corn flakes let me know how it turns out!
      Merry Christmas!

  13. Heidi | 22nd Jun 18

    can you use cream of celery you think. I am vegetarian.

    • | 22nd Jun 18

      Hi Heidi!
      I’m sure you could. I think Cream of Mushroom might be better with this dish, but honestly either will work and they will still be amazing! Enjoy!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Rebecca | 25th Jun 18

    I tried these for my family reunion…..everyone loved them!!! I used creme of mushroom soup as I don’t eat meat… these are great! The flavors are wonderful. Great texture too! Everyone laughed at the name, but they ate them up when they tasted them….this is what the “Cheesy Potato” casserole with sour cream could never achieve!!! Thanks for the recipe!

    • | 27th Jun 18

      Hi Rebecca!
      I’m SO glad this turned out for you with the Cream of Mushroom soup! Now I’m dying…no pun intended…to try them with cream of mushroom soup too! This recipe has been pleasing families for decades! Especially the family at this NEST! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave this comment. I was really looking forward to hearing back on the changes! Hope you have a GREAT week. Thanks for stopping by!
      Happy Nesting!

  15. Sheryl Stratfold | 23rd Dec 18

    Hello! Just found out I need to make a double batch of this! Would it be best to put it in one large casserole dish or 2 normal sized ones? And what would be the difference in the baking temp/time in the oven if it is in one dish? Thank you!!

  16. Jeanette guidry | 19th Jan 19

    Could you put ground meat in it? Would you have to change any thing.

    • | 21st Jan 19

      Hi Jeanette!
      I would think it would be fine as long as you drain your ground beef really well. Other than that I would keep the cook times the same. I’ve done it with Ham, but never ground beef. Sounds delicious!
      Happy Nesting!

  17. Sylvia A Ardner | 3rd Mar 19

    looks good…. A must try…

    • | 5th Mar 19

      Hi Sylvia!

      These are really delicious! My family has loved them and requested them over 30 years. They appear every year during all the Holidays! Have a GREAT week!
      Happy Nesting!

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  19. Jess | 28th Nov 19

    Awesome!! This was my sons favorite dish from Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn’t find whipped cream cheese and chive tho so I just used the regular cream cream and chive and it still came out great. Wondering what difference the whipped makes? Thanks for the recipe!!

    • | 3rd Dec 19

      Hi Jessica!
      Your son has AWESOME taste! lol This is by far my favorite side dish! I often use regular cream cheese with chives. The whipped just melts down faster. Other wise same-same! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me. I sincerely appreciate it more than you know. Positive comments help keep me going! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
      Happy Nesting~

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