General Tso’s Asian Salad

Attention Ladies! I just wanted to quickly share this recipe with y’all! I love Applebee’s Oriental Salad. Don’t you? All that crunchy goodness, chicken, and Asian dressing. I order it every time I go there for lunch. It’s such a nice change from your typical lunch salad.

I knew there had to be a quick and easy way to replicate all that Yum! There is! Best of all you can make this salad in about 5 minutes or less!!!


It’s so simple! You need one package of Marketside Asian salad mix. This salad mix is filled with chopped cabbage, green onion, carrot, celery, and cilantro. The mix comes with a package of wonton crispy noodles and slivered almonds. The sesame ginger dressing is the bomb!

Purchase a small container of Wal-Mart’s Service Deli General Tso’s chicken. Slice it into bite size pieces. Place the chicken pieces on top of your salad blend. Drizzle with dressing. I topped mine with crunchy rice noodles that you can purchase in the Oriental section.

That’s it! A quick simple super yummy lunch salad! Enjoy! I love this salad so much I’m going to share it on the Friday Weekend Pot Luck link party. You can find it by clicking here! 

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